Ta...whata? TABATA!

After attending the IDEA Fitness Conference this past week I feel inspired and excited to teach all of you about one thing I learned and that is Tabata!

Tabata training involves doing intervals for 4 minutes straight. You exercise as hard as you can for 20 seconds...Within that 20 seconds your body should be ready to give up. Then you have a 10 second break and you start all over again. You do this for 4 minutes straight. You want to perform exercises that work your entire body, and I prefer to use exercises that also help to strengthen my core.

Tabata was developed by Izumi Tabata in Japan and it is quickly spreading across the US. Tabata training for only 4 minutes (full out) is compared to doing 45 minutes worth of moderate aerobic exercise. So if you are fimilar with interval training, then take it up a notch and try Tabata training. I will be posting a Tabata Workout soon, so check back next week. :)



  1. I can't wait for this! Sounds so hard/good!

  2. Very cute blog girls but just so you know, when you click on see complete profile your title says "Peach, Love and Fitness".

  3. Hmm? I can't find anywhere where it says that... But i'll keep looking. Your blog is great by the way. -Ash


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