5k Tempo Run

Happy Monday to all our readers! Hopefully those of you who are training for the 5k have been able to get your endurance run in. If not, do it today instead of doing the tempo run. Just getting running miles and even walking miles is important so that you have a training foundation to build on. Once you have endurance built up, we move to the tempo run.

At this point we are not running back to back days.We will do three runs/week with a rest day or cross-training on the days in between each run.

Today or tomorrow is your tempo run. What in the world is a tempo run, you might ask. Well it is a "comfortably hard" run that is an important part of making your race a successful one. Tempo running improves your lactic acid threshold. In short that means that it helps your muscles to recover faster and more efficiently. Which means you get rid of waste and toxins in the body more efficiently. Fat stores toxins to keep it away from our vital organs. If I get rid of toxins more efficiently, I get rid of body fat more efficiently. Sounds good to me! So, the big benefit to my tempo run is that I actually run faster and not only will I cross the finish line fast, I will look good doing it!

Again, remember you are only competing against yourself and trying to improve your fitness level. Tempo runs are at your own training pace and will vary from person to person.

Tempo run for week of 9/20-

Warm-up: Walk/jog 10 min
Tempo: jog/run at a pace that feels "comfortably hard" but that you can sustain for 10 min.
Cool-down: Walk/jog 10 min

Be sure to stretch at the end of your workout!

~Rachel Russell

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