Interval Day!

Interval day is my favorite day of cardio. Maybe because there is rest sprinkled throughout the workout. I also like how I am so focused on the different intervals that the time ends up flying by.

So for your run today or tomorrow we are beginning intervals. These can be done on a treadmill, outside on your favorite running trail, or on a track. (If you are not doing the 5k, this can be applied to an elliptical, bicycle, or any piece of cardio equipment.)

Warm-up: 10 minutes easy walk/jog

Interval Outside:
If you are not on a piece of cardio equipment, get yourself up to a speed that you feel is only manageable for 10 seconds minimum to 30 seconds maximum, but you are still in control i.e. 100 meter dash.

Interval on Cardio Equipment:
If you are doing your intervals on a piece of cardio equipment like a treadmill, resistance is a must when you are sprinting. If you are on a treadmill, add a 2.0 incline. If you are on a elliptical or bicycle add enough resistance to feel as though you are climbing up a hill. Then complete your sprint with speed + resistance, for 10 seconds minimum to 30 seconds maximum.

1-2 minute walk in between each interval until your heart rate comes down or you can carry a conversation easily.

Repeat 3-5x
- Repeat 1 interval to 1 rest period

Cool Down:
Once you have completed 3-5 intervals and rest, cool down by walking 5 minutes and don't forget to stretch!

~Rachel Russell

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