Thanksgiving: Orange Cranberry Sauce

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Here's a delicious and healthy cranberry sauce that you have to try. :)

*Buy a pound of fresh organic cranberries
*The zest and juice of 3 big oranges
*A nub of ginger, peeled and grated
*3/4 Cup of brown sugar, or you could use Agave Nectar

Place all the ingredients EXCEPT the sugar in a large sauce pan. Heat over high, stirring for about 2 minutes until just about boiling. Add the sugar, stir and cook for a few minutes more. The cranberries will pop delightfully and the sauce will begin to thicken. Take off the the heat, it will continue to thicken as it cools! Yum!!!

I like to add the ginger slowly, because I don't want it to overtake my sauce, so be careful. :) This recipe is from Hipcooks.


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  1. I make this every year, it's the best!!! I always add way too much I love that stuff. <3


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