Forget the Scale

With all of my clients one of my main goals is to help them gain muscle.  I want them to feel strong and to look strong; with a lean physique.

As we age our bodies are automatically losing muscle mass, so it is important to train and to focus on your strength.

Here are some benefits to gaining muscle and strength training:
*Muscles are leaner than fat, so while muscle weighs more than fat; your body will be lean and tight.
*Muscle has memory.  I gained about 8 lbs. of muscle before having my daughter, so that my body would bounce back faster and it did. 
*Strong muscles help to assist our joints and to help to prevent joint pain.
*Muscles require more energy, so your body will burn more calories to just maintain your hot new body.  Thus revving up your metabolism!
*Well balance muscles help to prevent injury,allow you to age gracefully and to continue to do the things you love throughout your life.
*Gaining muscle helps your body work efficiently throughout all your daily activities.  Whether you are a mom running after your kids, or a serious athlete.
*Strength training lowers your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.
*Strength training can also help to rehabilitate an injured body.  (This is one of Rachel's specialties!)

Women are always worried about looking too bulky.  They think that they want to lose weight and see the change on the scale.  When really what they should want is to physically see the changes in their body and in the way their clothes fit.  All of my clients that have increased their muscle mass have not necessarily lost any weight, but their bodies look AMAZING!  The whole shape of their body can change and best of all they feel strong!  So stop obsessing over a number and obsess over how great you feel and how hot you look in your clothes. 

If you are still worried about bulking while strength training then understand that a woman's body does not produce enough testosterone to bulk.  As long as your cardiovascular program matches your strength training program and you are eating a healthy diet, then you will reap all the benefits of a stronger, leaner body.

PLF Daily Tip:  Muscle weighs more than fat, so don't focus on your weight; focus on how you look in your clothes and how you feel.

Here's what 5 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of muscle look like... I'll take the muscle please!!!


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