10 Minute Circuit

*Jumping Rope: 2 mins.
*Tricep Dips: 1 min.
*Quick Feet: 1 min.
*Alternating Front Kicks: 1 min.
*Alternating Back Kicks: 1 min.
*Isometric Squat: 1 min.
*Jumping Jacks: 2 mins.
*Push Ups: 1 min.

Repeat this circuit 3-6 times.

PLF Daily Tip: Don't be afraid to push yourself! Workout with intensity and you will be surprised by not only what you can do, but also by how quickly your body will adapt and change.


  1. Holy Crap that looks hard. I'm definitely going to try it but going to have to do girl pushups haha. I'm going to have to google what back kicks clue. lol. Thanks for the great workout!

  2. I can't wait to try this work out! I'm going to switch up some of my off-days with this cardio! I like that it's a quick workout too. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Mari, A back kick is a kickboxing move. Lean over so that your chest is almost parallel to the ground. Pull your tummy in tight to help support your back and kick straight back behind you...then alternate and kick the other leg. :) I'll show you today at lunch. Haha!


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