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How to Maximize Your Results

Let's face it we exercise for the results; whether it is to become a better skier, for body fat loss, or boosting our immune system. So how do we ensure that we are getting the results we want and our body needs?

Follow the 5 components of fitness and you will have your best body yet!

1.) Cardiovascular Training- Strengthens your heart and aids with body fat loss. Using a heart rate monitor when used correctly will help you achieve results even faster.

2.) Resistance Training- Strengthens your bones and increases muscle which boosts your metabolism.

3.) Flexibility Training- Improves posture and helps to prevent muscle imbalances

4.) Nutrition- Not only do you want to have portion control, but you also want to improve the quality of the food you eat.

5.) Supplementation- We can not get enough nutrients from our food alone, even if you eat organic. Supplements can improve our energy, hormone balance, and over-all well being. (See post on 8/16/10)

Stay tuned for more info on each component!

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