Best Berry Breakfast Smoothie

~1 cup of frozen organic mixed berries or blueberries
~1 cup of frozen mangoes or pineapple
~1 cup of fresh spinach
~1 cup of plain organic Kefir or organic fruit juice
~ 1 tbsp of cod liver oil or flaxseed oil 
~1 tbsp of liquid amino acids 
~1 tbsp of L-Carnitine

Blend and enjoy!

**PLF Daily Tip**

Here is some clarification on some of the highly beneficial ingredients in the shake.

Benefits of liquid amino acids

- Boosts energy and attention
- Promotes healthy Brain and Central Nervous System
- These aminos make a chain to build protein inside the body
- Lowers the blood pressure and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of L-Carnitine 

-Helps your body use fat for fuel
-Improves cardiovascular function
-Increase energy
-Improves sexual function and fertility in men (L-Carnitine is for both men and women)


-Easily digested
-Cleanses intestines
-Has been shown to improve immune function and help with chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, cancer, and even AIDS

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  1. Liquid amino acids are good for the body to build up protein.


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