Meals for a Week!!!!

PLF Daily Tip:  I believe in eating 5-6 mini meals a day.  I feel as though I am constantly snacking, but I have a lot more energy and my body continues to tone up.  The secret is that you must keep your meals small.  Everything in moderation is fine, as long as the majority of your diet is protein, healthy fats, and vegetables.  If you are trying to lose a few pounds a week, then I would avoid: bread, dairy, sugar, anything that is diet, juice and spreads like mayo, butter etc.  Here's a weeks worth of meals to help you get started.  xo


Day 1
Breakfast:  Oatmeal with berries, 2 egg whites and tea/coffee
Snack:  Fresh strawberries and a handful of almonds
Lunch:  Whole grain pasta with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and chicken
Snack:   Fresh broccoli with hummus
Dinner:  Your choice of protein with asparagus, and 1/2 of a roasted sweet potato

Day 2
B:  1 egg and 3 egg whites scrambled with spinach, and tomato, with
S:  Banana with peanut butter
L:  Whole grain wrap with mustard, turkey, spinach, and avocado
S:  Nonfat cottage cheese with sliced peaches
D:  Protein, with steamed broccoli and brown rice.

Day 3
B:  Protein Smoothie
S:  Couple handfuls of trail mix
L:  Spinach salad with chicken and balsamic dressing
S:  Apple with peanut butter
D:  Protein with roasted carrots, and spinach
S:  Cup of fresh berries

Day 4
B: Whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter, a cup of berries and tea/      coffee
S:  Couple handfuls of raw almonds
L:  Mixed greens, with chicken, tomato, fresh lemon juice and a piece of whole wheat toast.
S:  1 sliced orange and cashews
D:  Protein with grilled asparagus and slices of avocado
S:  Free Splurge!  Within reason...frozen yogurt with berries, a Skinny Cow dessert, a cookie with milk...etc

Day 5
B:  Greek plain yogurt, topped with berries and tea/coffee
S:  Rice cake with peanut butter
L:  Turkey sandwich with mustard, avocado, spinach and tomato
S:  Sliced cucumbers with hummus
D:  GGF Taco Salad (See previous posts)

Day 6
B:  Oatmeal with berries, 2 egg whites and tea/coffee
S:  Sliced tomatoes with a handful of cashews
L:  Cottage cheese, with granola, blueberries, and banana
S:  Think Thin 100 calories bites
D:  Dinner out...but be smart and think of me while you are ordering.  :)

Day 7
B:  Whole Wheat toast with peanut butter, fresh blueberries and tea/coffee
S:  Handful of almonds and a pear
L:  GGF Raspberry Salad (See previous posts)
S:  Sliced veggies and hummus
D:  Protein, brown rice and roasted root vegetables
S:  Fresh berries


  1. I love this!!! thank you! when you say spinach, does that mean, just spinach leaves, the kind you get out of a bag at the grocery, or frozen spinach that you steam and cook? just wondering!!! i LOVE this blog : )

  2. Either spinach is fine (Usually fresh produce are better, then frozen and I rarely use canned). I prefer fresh spinach that I use to make salads with, or sautee with some garlic.


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