Natural Relief of PMS

I must apologize in advance to all our male readers, this one is just for the ladies.

You know it's coming with the bloating, cramps, irritability, headaches, many other terrible symptoms. One thing we know for sure is that PMS responds well to natural therapy.

"Natural therapists have long thought that the root of premenstrual syndrome is biochemical, resulting ultimately in hormonal imbalance. Today it is obvious that PMS is a condition of excess estrogen with a corresponding deficiency of progesterone." according to

Because of a diet lacking the proper nutrition our health as women suffers and it alters our mood especially around menstruation.  Your diet should contain adequate animal protein, plenty of healthy animal fats, complex carbohydrates and a variety of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. All commercial vegetable oils, both liquid and partially hydrogenated, should be completely cut out of your diet as these interfere with key prostaglandins and the regulation of hormone production. Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, the B complex (especially B6 and pantothenic acid), vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and certain long-chain fatty acids should be stressed as all of these nutrients seem to be key in easing the symptoms of PMS.

Adding in these supplements will also further aid in reducing your PMS symptoms

Vitamin A- Cod liver oil, liver, butter, egg yolks.

Vitamin B complex- Oily fish, lard, cod liver oil.

Pantothenic Acid- Brown rice, liver, beef, whole wheat, rye, lentils, alfalfa, tuna, peas, bananas, cashews, turkey, oats, blackstrap molasses, cabbage.

Vitamin E-Brewer's yeast, brown rice, sunflower seeds, corn, lentils, whole wheat, rye.

Calcium- Raw milk and raw milk cheeses, bone broths, sesame seeds, kelp, sardines, almonds, Brazil nuts, blackstrap molasses, watercress, dark green leafy vegetables, salmon, broccoli.

Magnesium- Kelp, beef, blackstrap molasses, sunflower seeds, all nuts, oats, brown rice, dark green leafy vegetables, corn, bananas, tuna.

Fatty Acids- Cod liver oil, salmon, sardines, mackerel, egg yolks and borage, black currant or evening primrose oil.

Holistic doctors also recommend adding progesterone cream into your regimen to help reduce cramps. Whole foods carries many different options.

Exercising is also very important to hormonal balance, increasing energy, and removes toxins from our bodies. Just 15-20 minute brisk walk is shown to improve oxygen consumption.

PMS can have many different causes. Women who suffer from PMS should investigate the possibility that other conditions, such as endometriosis, candidiasis, food allergies, and heavy metal poisoning may be contributing factors. Candidiasis should be suspected if strong sugar cravings are present. See your natural health care provider for more help with these other causes.

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