The Skinny on Celebrity Diets

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is famous for her curvaceous body. However when we see the latest photos of her she has slimmed down those Kardashian curves. How did she do it?

Once Kim returned to Los Angeles after filming Kourtney and Kim Take New York, She was on a mission to get back into her size 2 jeans. Kim had gained 10 pounds while living in New York, because of her hectic schedule. The reality star skipped on her regular workouts and indulged in unhealthy food.

Kim's workout includes working with celebrity trainer Gunner Peterson and working out at Barry's Bootcamp. "I'm doing vigorous workouts all the time," Kim told Life & Style. "I work out with Gunnar -- mostly weights. Then I do boot camp. I alternate every day. One day trainer, one day boot camp."

Kim's diet includes a gourmet delivery service called Sunfare for meals that are premade."It's the only diet I can stick to," Kim tells Life & Style. "It makes me eat healthy because the food [breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks] is at my house when I wake up."

In Life and Style magazine, Kim did not mention this time that she was taking her QuickTrim weight loss supplements. However I believe she is still representing the product.


What I loving about her regimen

1.) Kim is working out consistently. She works with a trainer which is important for learning proper form and it keeps her accountable. She also works out with a group in a bootcamp; which is motivating, challenging, fun, and most of all it is more affordable than hiring a trainer.

2.) Her meals are balanced and are geared around portion control.

What I am not loving about her regimen

1.) I am not a fan of QuickTrim. Kim is one of the spokespersons for QuickTrim. A product that is supposed to aid in weight loss. I wanted to see just what was in this diet product. When I researched it, it seemed down right expensive and full of caffeine and other diuretics.Quick Trim offers multiple plans to choose from that involve different ingredients and claim to deliver different results. The herbal supplements seem to include many stimulant ingredients, such as white willow, black pepper, green tea extract and caffeine. The cleanse product contains several diuretics, some of which Juniper berry and Uva Ursi may have unpleasant to dangerous side affects if taken with other products or in too high a dose. After reading multiple reviews, most people reported rapid heart right, sky rocketing blood pressure, diarrhea, and other not so fun results. You would be better off saving your money, eating fresh organic foods and drinking your water throughout the day.

2.) Sunfare is unrealistic for us non-celebs. It's not cost effective and it doesn't help with the emotional side of eating (Stay tuned of a post on that subject). It is not a lifestyle change, once you get tired of it, you will be right back to your old habits. Instead, follow our weeks worth of meals!


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