The Skinny on Celebrity Diets

Brooke Burke, 39, is a popular television personality, model, and mom of four. She is known for her amazing body and she always is in great shape. How does she do it?

Brooke has learned to embrace her body for the way it is, focusing on the positive side of everything. In order to be in the best shape possible, Brooke eats a healthy diet and does Pilates. Brooke has been doing Pilates for 10 years now. Currently she is doing a 55 minute workout called Pilates Plus.

Brooke's "go to diet tip" is to EAT! She eats 5 smart meals every day. She does not starve herself. She believes in feeding her body and avoiding quick fix diets.

She says it is important for her to make herself a priority. She schedules time for herself to workout. She gets her workout done, just like brushing her teeth. Working out is important to making her feel good about herself and it sets a good example for other women and her children.


Brooke has a great outlook on what it takes to keep your body healthy and looking fabulous. Pilates is such an amazing way to workout your body. It shapes your muscle to be long, lean, and strong. Eating 5 smart balanced meals is the way to keep your metabolism strong and working at it's peak. Avoiding quick fix diets and starving yourself, is the way to long term success.

***PLF Tip of the Day***

Schedule in your workout today, put it on your calendar and get it done. Make yourself a priority!

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  1. The diet programs that she used are very effective. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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