Drinking and Weight Loss

Does weight loss and alcohol mix? It depends on the choices you make. Alcohol does interfere with fat burning. This is because the liver uses fat for energy. When you drink, your liver breaks down the alcohol instead of our body fat, which leaves us with fat that is not metabolized for energy. Alcohol also impairs us from knowing that we have had one to many tortilla chips with our margarita. Eating a big meal and throwing in a high sugar/high calorie beverage and you have a diet disaster. Alcohol is very dehydrating and it impairs our body from absorbing vitamins and other nutrients.

However let's be realistic, when we are watching our weight and our caloric intake, we still want to have a good time, right? If you make smart choices you can lose weight and have an alcoholic beverage once in a while.

Here is a list of which alcoholic beverages do the most damage and which ones do the least.

High Calorie/High Sugar Drinks to Avoid

8oz Pina Colada- 616 calories
8oz Margarita on the rocks- 350 calories
6oz Cosmopolitan (Absolut)- 548calories

Replace With a Smarter Choice

4oz of Wine- approx. 95 calories
4oz Skinny Girl margarita- approx 100 calories
Vodka Tonic- 6.5 oz water, 1.5 oz Vodka- 152 calories
1 shot of Petron- 70 calories

***PLF Daily Tip***
Watch your portions, 4 oz of wine is 1/2 cup. Drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage you consume (hint try to only consume 1-3 alcoholic beverage/week). Also, choose drinks that are low in sugar. Sugar + Alcohol = a diet disaster.

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