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When it comes to losing weight and to eating a balanced, healthy diet, keeping a food journal is key.  Writing down everything you eat and drink may seem like a pain, but if you are serious about your goals and your health, then you must make yourself a priority and do whatever is get writing.

Studies show that people who keep a food journal lose weight faster and keep off the weight, than those who do not food journal.

Try to keep a food journal for a week.  You can either buy a notebook, put a piece of paper on the fridge, use an excel spreadsheet, email a friend daily, or use an iPhone App such as Lose It.  Not only will keeping a food journal make you eat less (because who wants to admit and write down that they had 12 girl scout cookies), but it will be a huge reality check to how much you are really eating.

Do you eat the leftover food from your kids snacks and lunches?  Do you put 4 teaspoons of peanut butter on your apple, rather than 1?  Do you snack constantly throughout the day, because you are bored?  Do you not count what you drink; coffee, soda, juice, etc?

Here's what to include in your food journal:
  • What you are eating
  • What time you are eating
  • Where are you eating
  • What are the calories and servings you consumed
  • Why are you level, mood, stress, etc
PLF Daily Tip:  Try a food journal for this week.  Be present when you are eating and write down everything.  If you have any questions ask Rachel or me and we will help you guys.


  1. Im doing weight watchers and they really encourage keeping a food journal to track points. i havent been keeping up with it very well, but what you said about making myself a priority inspired me to get back on track. thanks for being so awesome!

  2. ok it's official I can't eat whatever I want and not work has caught up to me! uugghh So i am joining a gym and checking your blog DAILY for tips and tricks! I will start with the Journal thing :) thanks!

  3. I love your example food you have a blank one that can be printed?

  4. Hey Kelly, I just found it online when I did an image search on I'm sure you can print it out. :)


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