Perfect Plie Squats

Oh how I love Plie Squats.  Here's the whole breakdown on how to perform the perfect plie.   If you are looking to tone up your legs, just in time for the summer than read this post and add these into your workouts.
  1.  Have your feet in a wide stance; for those of you with a dance background think second position.  Your feet will be turned out, so there will be a slight external rotation (dancer's turnout) and that is what makes this exercise different from a regular squat.
  2. Bend your knees and lower into a plie.  Make sure that your knees are directly over your ankles.  Lower for two counts and stand back up slowly for two counts.
Here's a couple of things to think about while doing plie squats:
  • Press up through your heels, not your toes.  With all squats you want to drive through your heels.
  • Concentrate on tucking your tailbone and pulling in your low abs.  People tend to want to arch their backs when doing these squats, so tuck.  When you tuck your tailbone you will feel your glutes squeeze together; keep that squeeze throughout the whole squat.
  • Don't sink into your pelvis.  Think of reaching up out of your pelvis with a long, tall spine.
  • Roll your shoulders back and relax them.  Focus on your posture here which will help to keep your abs engaged and your spine long. 
  • You can place your hands on your hips.
Plie Squats will work your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and adductors.  So in other words your thighs, butt, back of the legs and your inner plies and my legs and butt look better because of them!!!

PLF Daily Tip:  Try plie squats:

Beginners:  If you are new to squats, plie squats and/or exercising then start out slow.  Do 15-20 reps; for 2-3 sets.  You want to go down slow for 2 counts, squeezing your glutes, and then up slowly for 2 counts, again squeezing your booty.

Intermediate:  30 reps; 3 sets.  2 counts down, 2 counts up.

Advanced:  20 reps, with 12 plyometric; 3 sets.


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