The Perfect Push-up

Push ups are a great way to tone your arms without bulking and the
best part is that they are free. You don't need any fancy equipment or a gym membership to get your body in great shape. All you need is to learn the proper form and you are ready to get amazing arms just in time for summer.

1.) Start prone (face down) to the floor and place your hands right underneath your shoulders. Palms should be flat to the floor. You can be on your knees or feet parallel to each other.

2.) Keep your neck and lower back in a neutral position. You will achieve this by tucking your chin slightly and tucking your tailbone so that you begin to feel your lower abdominal muscles. Eyes should look slightly forward.

3.) As you bend your elbows and bring your body down towards the floor, take a deep breath in. Be sure not to let your head lead the way, keep it in a neutral position. Bend your elbows to about a 90 degree angle or further if you can.

4.) As you push your body up press your palms firmly into the floor. Exhale the air out of your lungs and pull your belly button in towards your spine (This will make the push up a great ab workout as well).

5.) Repeat. Do as many push ups as you can without breaking form. Rest about one minute and then complete 2 more sets.

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 There are many different types of push ups.

*Trying changing the tempo, 3 counts down and 1 count up or 1 count down and 3 counts up.
*Try bringing your hands closer together and instead of your elbows facing out, instead they will graze the rib cage and bring the focus more on your triceps.
* If you are advanced try alternating lifting a leg as you through out the range of motion.
* Add a stability ball to the add more difficulty.


  1. I have seen so many people hurt themselves more than actually build muscle with poor form. Thank you for all your posts- I read them every time and apply them to my weekly routines!

  2. Form is so important when working out. It's great that you've given step by step instructions so people don't hurt themselves.



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