So Thankful

Today's post isn't about nutrition, fitness, a recipe, or even cute workout clothes; it about love.  When coming up with Peace.Love.Fitness. I wanted to encompass all parts of life.  Since life is about balance and to truly be happy we must all have a balance of peace in our lives, as well as love and fitness.  With the help of a friend (Kristin you rock) we came up with "to be at peace with your body, to love a healthy lifestyle and to incorporate fitness into your life". 

When I read the blog posted below it brought me to tears and filled me with a sense of love, inspiration, and gratitude.  Please take the time to read it.  You can read it, by clicking here.

Here are some things that I am grateful for:
  • My daughter, her health, and her almost terrible 2 stage that she is going through...Yep, I'm talking tantrums, punching, running away from mommy, kicking the cats, yelling at our dogs, and knocking over store's displays.  Haha.  Even with the little attitude she's had lately she is the best blessing.
  • The health of my family, friends and clients makes me so very happy.
  • Glamour Girl Fitness, YogaWorks and Spectrum have helped me meet so many fabulous women and men in the community.  They are all so smart, funny and a joy to train.  They all bring something to my life that would otherwise be missing had I never met them.  Plus, it's amazing seeing their bodies change over time and their health improve.  I really appreciate all my clients, who eventually become my friends...I just have the best job!
  • My grandma and my mom who have helped shape me into the woman that I am today.  Their lessons and endless love have taught me how to be a mom, and through them I have learned what being a good mom is all about.  As my grandma would say, "It's just all about love".
  • My husband who works so hard to provide for us and who loves us.  With how hard he works I'm able to do a job that I love (but don't make a ton a money doing) which I'm so thankful for.
I'd like to hear what you guys are thankful for?  Just taking the time to make a little lists helps to put your everyday stresses and anxiety into perspective. 

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!
PLF Daily Tip:  Always take time out to be grateful for your health, and for the peace, love and fitness that you incorporate into your life.

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  1. You have a beautiful family and so much to be thankful for.


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