Start Jumping: Challenge 1

Jumping rope is one of the best ways to burn major calories (800-1000 calories per hour) and it's a fun way to mix up your cardio routine.

If you are new to jumping rope then start out slow and expect it to be a major challenge.

I remember when my trainer handed me a rope when I was 18; I thought that it would be fun and easy...I was so wrong!  I couldn't make it past 10-20 jumps, so I started practicing.  My goal was to work up to 100 jumps without stopping, so if I made it to 98 and tangled the rope, then I would start ALL over again.  I did this so many times and it only made me want to reach my goal of 100.  I'm very competitive and love to turn my cardio into a game, so my 100 jumps has now turned into 10 minutes of jumping.  I like to break up my strength training workout with cardio/jumping rope for 2-3 minutes.

Here's the jumping workout that I did this week:

Set 1
Regular jumping (quick pace) 30 seconds 
Jumping Jack feet 30 seconds 
High Knees 30 seconds
Regular jumping for 30 seconds 

Set 2
Regular jumping  1 minute 
High Knees 1 minute 
Jumping Jack feet  1 minute
* I did these cardio bursts and then would rest for 1 minute and go right into my strength training program.   Try to do 10-20 minutes of jumping.  No matter how athletic you are jumping rope is ALWAYS a fun challenge and it will tighten up your body fast.

PLF Daily Tip:  Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Try jumping rope this week and let me know how it goes.  Post your results, and your goals on our blog.  You can do it!!!!

**I will post a quick video of this workout and the proper form of jumping rope this week.


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