5 Things You Can Do Today for a Healthier, Stronger and Skinnier You!

1)  Eat natural, whole foods.  Think vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, greek yogurt, whole grains, and beans.
2)  Take supplements; Omega 3's, a multivitamin, Vitamin B, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.
3)  Drink a lot of water.  Add lemon to help burn a few extra calories and to add some flavor.
4)  Exercise 4 times a week and do something you enjoy.  Exercising can and should be fun!
5)  Chose to make a change.  Set some goals and write them down.

As with most things it is easier to take it one day at a time.  So if you are new to exercising then try to walk for about 10 minutes on your lunch break or after dinner.  If your nutrition seems to be the problem then start by revamping one of your meals (start with breakfast) and work towards eating clean ALL day long. 

Carry a huge water bottle around with you everywhere you go, so that you are constantly reminded to drink.

Get a journal and write down your dreams/goals; the dreams for you health, what you will look like when you make your dreams a reality and how you will feel once you start to change your life.  So much of what we eat is determined by our emotions, so take the time to write down your own journey...where you want to go and where you are at right now.

Those who say that they will succeed do, so it is your choice! If you want something bad enough, then you have to work for it.  So believe in yourself and remember that you only get one body; take care of it and live the life you deserve.


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