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Rach and I have been wanting to put up some success stories from our clients and readers of PLF, so I figured my client Martha was a great first story. 

Martha has been working out with Glamour Girl Fitness, doing Boot Camp once a week for the past 6 months or so.  She is in her late 30's and is looking fabulous!  Within the past few months Martha's body fat percentage has dropped 5%!!!  Her weight has remained the same, but I am always quick to remind her that muscle weighs more than fat and my main concern is for her to gain muscle. 

It's been so fun to watch her body tone up and to have her doing exercises she never thought possible.  She now runs the stairs like a rockstar, her push ups are perfection, and she can squat better than most.

She's an inspiration to me since she's a mom, works full time and manages to fit in time for her self and for her health.  I love when my clients see results and she has been doing all the work, so I couldn't be any happier to see her reach some of her goals.

Here's part of Martha's story:

Martha was a smoker for many years until November of 2009, when she realized that she wasn't feeling great and was starting to get old (her words, not mine).  She quit smoking cold turkey and wanted to get back to feeling healthy.  She helped coach soccer with her man and would help out at every practice, so she was getting some fitness into her life.  She decided to join GGF when she saw us girls working out at the park.  She watched the whole workout and decided it was something that she should try.  She worked out a couple of times a week doing cardio to help build her endurance and then joined us around October and I am so proud of her!

I had a few questions for Martha regarding how her life has changed.  How her diet has changed and if she had any advice for our readers.  Here's what she said:

"I actually can run about a mile and a half and be ok!  Which is amazing to me, because before you I could not run half a block without feeling like I was dying."

"I still eat everything, but a lot less than I used to.  I have cut down on red meats, no beer (I drink wine instead), I eat more chicken, sea food, lots of fruit and vegetables and I drink lots of water."  

"Seeing the change of my body motivates me everyday and to know that this summer will be the first summer ever that I will look and feel very sexy!"

"My advice for women that are new to exercising is to not give up!  Do it for YOU and not for others. The hardest part is to start exercising, but if you really focus you will see results within 2 or 3 sessions (only if they
work out with you haha).  Thank you Ash for being such a good trainer!!"

If you have been following PLF and would like to be featured on our blog let us know.  We love a great success story!  Keep up all your hard work readers and your results are sure to follow.  Xo

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