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A lot of people seem to be reading the Workout Essentials post I did back in January, so I figured it was time for round two. 

Here are some of my favorite products, things I love/can't live without and then some other products that I find interesting.

I am obsessed with Nike LunarGlide +2 Shoes.  I have several pairs in different colors and I can't stop buying them.  Every time I see a new color that I don't have I buy them!  These shoes are light weight, offer amazing support and are wider through the toes than their typical shoe.  Not only do I feel fabulous wearing these shoes, but they leave me blister free no matter how many miles I run.

Nike+ Sport Band tracks your distance, time, calories burned, and pace.  It stores up to 30 hours of data and you can then upload it onto your computer to keep track of your workouts.  There's even an option where you can hook it up to your iPod and it will "talk" to you and tell you your stats while you are running.  It helps to keep you motivated, set goals and to accomplish them.

The Philips Activa music player has an option called "TempoMusic" which goes through your playlists and picks songs that have a tempo that matches the intensity of your workout.  It "talks" to you throughout your workout and will shout out encouraging comments to help keep you going.

Similar to Nike's +Sportband, Adidas created the miCoach.  It's an MP3 player, calorie counter, and pedometer.  The info that most interests me is that it "verbally coaches the runner (i.e. speed up to green zone, slow down to blue zone, etc.) to ensure that they are staying within their targeted heart rate zone and keeps them running at the right personal level." 

Lululemon Athletica is just the best!  The quality, the styles, the fit, the functionality...I love everything!  Since I'm in workout clothes all day long I chose to buy lulu, so I can look great and do my job.

The website doesn't do the clothing justice, but find the closest store and make a visit.  Once you try on the clothes you will fall in love!  My husband can't live without their Kahuna Shorts and Pants.  He swears that they are the most comfortable shorts and pants that he has ever worn.  So guys don't be afraid to shop there too!

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