Abundant Harvest Organics

Being from central California where the farmers markets are filled with some of the best tasting, local, organic, fresh, and reasonably priced produce you have ever had. When I moved to Los Angeles it just wasn't the same, the farmers markets only had one little section of organic produce and it wasn't what I was used to, I primarily did my shopping at Whole Foods. The problem I was having with Whole Foods is a large part of their produce is grown in Mexico and it is expensive. That is when a few friends of mine recommended Abundant Harvest Organics. Every week at a delivery sight in Valencia, I pick up my box filled with fresh, local, organic produce. What I love about Abundant Harvest Organics is that it supports hard working organic farmers. If all farms were organic and sustainable, I truly believe we would not have the cancer epidemic we are dealing with in our world today. Food has become so processed and filled with pesticides that even fruit and vegetables can make us sick. 

When Buying Produce 
Here is What to Look For

1. Produce should be in season
2. Produce should be organic
3. Produce should be locally grown
4. Produce should be picked when ripe
5. Reasonably priced

From Redding to San Diego and many cities in between, there is a produce pick up in about 75 different locations. If you live in California, go to the website below, and learn all about it. If you sign up let them know you heard about it from us.


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