I love mangoes and since they are in season from May-September, I figured I would post on all of the lovely health benefits you can get when you add this fruit into your diet.

1 cup of sliced mangoes has 3 grams of fiber, 25% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin A and 76% Vitamin C.  They also have high levels of anti-oxidants, minerals, and enzymes that can help aid in digestion and cancer prevention.

Here's some other facts:
  • gallic acid in mangoes helps to disinfect the body
  • anti-inflammatory properties and are helpful with asthma symptoms
  • the anti-oxidants help to make this an anti-cancer fruit
  • there are studies that show mangoes can help brighten your skin and improve your complexion
  • boost your immune system
You want to select mangoes that are organic, dark red/orange in color, give a little when you squeeze them and that smell delicious.

I eat mangoes as a quick snack with some nuts, or I add them to my salads (for the recipe click here), yogurt, whole grain pancakes, smoothies, mix them into salsas, puree them to serve with fish/chicken, make marinades with them...the possibilities are endless.  If you have a delicious mango recipe please share it.  :)

PLF Daily Tip:  Eat whole fruit and vegetables that are in season and organic, and try adding a few mangoes into your diet this week.

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