Relay For Life

Hi Friends,

I joined the Relay For Life, made a team (Glamour Girl Fitness) and now I need to get team members and donations

Here's a little info about the event:

*Where:  Central Park, Santa Clarita.
*When:  May 21st-22nd. 9 am-9 am
*What:  24 hour Relay (WALKING relay) where someone from your team must be walking throughout the 24 hours.
*The 24 hours is broken into shifts, so that everyone has a chance to walk and participate.
*We will be walking around a small track.  About 3 times around is 1 mile.
*Breakfast and Dinner are provided.
*Each team gets a booth.  Their are raffles for every booth, along with awesome freebies, games, crafts...Tons of fun stuff that make for such a great day.  Did I mention there's music and stage.  :)
*It's an extremely fun, uplifting event.  I have so many fond memories of doing this in high school and I am looking forward to making more memories with you guys in a few weeks.

"One day. One night. One community. One Fight.
Relay For Life is a life-changing event that brings together more than 3.5 million people- to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer; remember loved ones lost to the disease; and fight back against a disease that takes too much. Won't you join us?"


Here's How to Join and Donate: 
**Click here
1. Click on "Sign Up"
2. Then "Join A Team"

3. Search for Glamour Girl Fitness

This Relay is open to men and women.  To join the GGF Team you pay $10 online.  It is asked that each team member raise $100.  This can be done by donations from family, and friends, along with purchasing luminaries.  If you do not meet your goal of $100 you can still participate.

To see what the Luminaries look like and what a special way it is to make a donation go here.

 I will be hosting a PINK Pilates Class Thursday, May 5th at 6:30pm at a Clubhouse.  Class is $15 minimum and all proceeds will go toward The American Cancer Society.  Please come wearing pink and with your checks made to The American Cancer Society. (email me to reserve your spot) at

Here's Glamour Girls' Mission:
Life is so precious and at any moment you could get news that completely changes your whole world.  Our hope is that if you are ever told that you have cancer, that you will then be told about the cure.

We Glamour Girls believe in preventative medicine.  We believe in eating healthy, exercising, and loving the life that you live.  We also believe that by raising money for the American Cancer Society that a cure will be found soon!  We can't do this alone, so please join our team, and/or donate today.
If you are not available for the full 24 hours of the Relay, joining and walking for 30 mins would be a huge help!  The more people we have, the less we all have to walk, and the more money we will raise.

Xo Ashley

P.S. My overall team goal is for us to raise $2500, so please help us by joining and donating.  $10 would be greatly appreciated.  We can do it!

*In case I need to persuade you a little more I'm getting super cute GGF T-Shirts made, a huge GGF Banner for the day of, our raffle is going to be a Glamour Girl's Make Over!  It will have private pilates reformer session, spray tanning from U Tan, facial, eye brow waxing, professional make up session, hair blow out/style, and some cute stuff from Autumn Dame.  Yep, it's going to be good and it's going to be fun!!!

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