When you hear about a TRX images of dinosaurs might pop into your head, or you might be imagining of of the best workout tools ever invented.

I bought my TRX about 5 years ago, when most people and most gyms still didn't have them, nor know about them.  It came with one DVD that was kinda lame.  The exercises and the TRX itself was AMAZING, but the video was a little amateur.  Now there are hundreds of videos and they are fabulous.  I'm sad to admit that my TRX is hiding in my garage somewhere, but I plan on getting it out, cleaning the spider webs off of it and getting back to work.

I just took a TRX class today and had my sweet little booty kicked...majorly kicked.  Haha!  My arms feel like they are 100 lbs. and I'm looking forward to adding this class into my weekly routine.

A lot of gyms are now offering TRX classes; some gyms have a full out group fitness TRX class with 20+ students, while other gyms like Spectrum and YogaWorks offer semi-private fee based classes.  I prefer the semi-private classes, because I like having someone there to watch my form and to push me.  As soon as I get tired I will be cheating any way I can, so I need that extra push to keep me in line.  Ha!

What is the TRX?
  • The TRX is a body-weight resistance, leverage system that is completely portable.  (If you are thinking what in the heck does that mean then look at the pics below.)  It was developed by a team of Navy SEALS, so that they could fit their workout in wherever they were stationed.  
  • The TRX consist of one long suspension band that has two handles at the end of it.  The handles can be used in the hands or feet; allowing for hundreds of fun and challenging exercises.   There's a door anchor, so that you can anchor the tool to any door...this is my favorite because it's so easy to anchor.  Then there's also a carabineer that you can anchor to almost anything (tree, basketball hoop, bars at a park, etc.)  
  • There are different TRX packages but the cheapest package starts at $190.   Here's TRX's Site.

The best thing about the TRX is that it can be adapted to ANY fitness level.  Certain exercises are harder when you walk away from where the band is anchored (called the anchor point) where your body will be using more of it's own weight throughout the exercise.  The same is true the other way around that you can manipulate how easy your workout is just by changing the position of your feet and your alignment.  

In the pic below it shows a guy with his body under the anchor point which is allowing for him to do this exercise with all of his own body weight.  (This would be a really, seriously hard option).

In the picture above, the guys feet are a little more underneath him and he is farther away from the anchor point.  This allows him to have more weight on his feet and to ease into the chest press.  (This would be an intermediate option).

There's also another type of leverage system out that is called the Jungle Gym.  It's not as fancy as the TRX, but it is a lot cheaper ($40).  You should be able to do all of the same exercises on the JG that you would be able to do on the TRX.  Jungle Gyms can be purchased by clicking here.

PLF Tip:  If you are bored with your current routine and not feeling inspired then try something new.  Give the TRX a try and not only will your body see some amazing results, but you will have fun doing it. 


  1. People need to make sure they purchase the TRX from the official site since there are counterfeit versions of it being sold. The last thing anybody would want is for someone to hurt themselves.


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