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Every once and a while I like to catch up on what Dr. Oz has to say. I have a lot of respect for him and really enjoy learning tips that I can pass on to our readers. 5 Weight loss best and worse tips recommended by Dr. Oz.

Worst Snack                                                         
Granola bars and other bars like balance bars or power bars. Why? Because they are filled with sugar, synthetic vitamins, and they are highly processed. (PLF recommends certain nutrition filled bars as snacks click here for our top 5 picks.)

Best Snack- Inca Peanuts- Different from regular peanuts. Theses are super high in omega-3 fatty acids and pack about 5 grams of fiber.

Worst Metabolism Booster-
Energy drinks- Most people think that they are speeding up their metabolism by drinking these caffeine laced beverages. However, these drinks cause inflammation in the body and inflammation in your body is the foundation for many health problems.

Best Metabolism Booster- Cayenne pepper- it contains substances that drastically increase thermogenesis (heat production) and oxygen consumption,  which are key ingredients for weight loss.

Worst Packaged Foods- Frozen Diet Meals- i.e. lean cuisine among others. Why? If they are low fat, then they are usually high in sugar or sodium. They are filled with chemicals and lack nutrition and that leaves you unsatisfied and reaching for more food. If you are going to eat a frozen meal, follow Dr. Oz's simple guidelines:

Fat: >4 g
Sodium: >500mg
Gravy: 0g
Cheese: 0g
Compartment: 1
Serving size: The palm of your hand

Best Packaged Food - Whole Grain Pasta. Most people think of pasta as a bad food choice when trying to lose weight, but whole grain pasta has a lot of vitamins and fiber that will help keep you full longer. The more satisfied you are the less you eat overall.

Worst Exercise
Sit up. Most people do not do it correctly and it can actually work against you getting that lean tummy. It's also a way to injure your neck. For more info on why not to to crunches click here.

Best Exercise
The lunge. Lunges are a great exercise because they work your whole legs, flexibility, balance, and core strength. For tips on how to do a lunge with the correct for go here.

So you are probably wondering where is the 5th Best/Worst tip? Well I left it out. Why? It was the Worst Diet Pill vs. The Best Diet Pill. Dr. Oz states, and I agree, that any diet pill containing ephedrine is the worst kind of diet pill, because they ruin our arteries. However he gives advice on what the best diet pill is, and I don't agree with him. I believe no diet pill is the best choice.

Try these simple tips and you will be on your way to reaching your goal weight!

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