One of the latest fitness trends is Piloxing. I thought what in the world is Piloxing? I had to find out what this new fitness craze was all about and share it with all of you. 

Featured in some of the latest celebrity magazines, Piloxing is a blend of traditional Pilates and Boxing. Vivica Jensen, celebrity trainer, is the founder of this unique blend. Piloxing is a combination of the agility, power, and speed you get from boxing and the flexibility and lean long muscles from Pilates. When you take a class, you are given special weighted gloves designed to sculpt your arms and burn more calories.

If you need more intensity in your workout routine, Piloxing might be the boost you have been waiting for. Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, and Alexis Bledel are some of the celebs who love this hardcore workout.

You can even attend a class from the creator herself in Toulca Lake, CA. Don't live in L.A.? No problem, Piloxing is offered all around the world. 

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