Time to Stop Eating Junk Food

This coming week I want our readers to give up sugar and all the other crappy food that they have been sneaking into their diets.  Yep, I have lost my mind, but believe that we can all go a week without it.  

I have issues with my diet just like everyone else.  There are weeks when I take all my advice and eat a healthy/whole foods diet and then there are the days where dessert is a must.  The problem with sugar and processed foods is that once you eat it, your body will crave more of it.  So for this next week lets give up sugar (soda, packaged processed foods, ice cream, etc) and see some changes in our bodies.

Below I've listed some steps that you can take this weekend to prepare for your sugar free/junk food free week.
  • Go through your kitchen and throw all the junk food out!  If you buy it for your children and it's processed food (which means most likely that it's crap) then get rid of it.  You and your kids should all go without sugar and all the other additives, chemicals, and dyes that go into those packaged products.
  • Go to the grocery store and buy foods that will help you succeed!  Now is the time to hit up local famer's markets and buy tons of fruits,veggies, hummus, eggs, etc.   
  • Write out a diet plan for this week and stick to it.
  • Get family members, and/or friends involved; people that know about your goal will only help to hold you accountable.
  • Carry a snack around with you in case you are starving and stuck in traffic or at work.

Sample Diet Plan:
~3 egg whites, and a bowl of fresh berries
~handful of almonds and an apple
~salad:  click here, here and here for some recipes
~celery, carrots, broccoli and or snap peas
~lean protein and steamed/grilled veggies
~tea and a banana

I know that this may sound ridiculous, but there are weeks when I purposely don't shop at Trader Joe's, because I know that I won't be able to resist all their delicious desserts, cookies, chocolates, etc.  I prefer to set myself up to succeed, rather than to fail.  I chose to look at what I will gain as opposed to what I am having to give up.  The first few days of giving up sugar are usually hard for me, but around day 3 or 4 I start to have more energy, feel better about myself and within a week drop a few pounds.

Just remember that you are responsible for your health and for your body.  The way you look is a direct indication of whether you have been taking care of yourself or making excuses.  It's amazing to think of all the things you could accomplish if you just decided to.  You have to earn your body and it's a hard/sacrificing process, but it WILL always be worth it!  

Here are some pics that have been inspiring me and hopefully they will inspire you.  :)

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  1. I want to be that girl in those photos. Holy crap she is amazing!

    I am going to do this! Heaven knows I need it since I can't exercise yet. I'm with ya!


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