Happy Monday everyone! After a weekend of indulging are you ready to get a tight toned tush? Try this one legged bridge. Not only will it firm up your booty, it will also help to strengthen your core. 

  • Start by lying on your back. 
  • Feet are flat on the floor, knees bent towards the ceiling. 
  • Lift both hips off of the floor. Take a look at both hip bones and be sure that they are both level-it's easy to let one side drop, but use your core to keep your hips neutral. 
  • Squeezing your glute muscles and lift one leg and extend it straight out. Hold each rep for 5 seconds and then switch legs. Work your way up to 10x on each side, before lowering your hips down.

Add this move to your resistance training program and you will be on your way to a sleek backside.

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