Making Your Resolutions a Reality

We always start out with the best intentions when we set our New Year's resolutions.  Then a few weeks go by and we are tested on how authentic those goals really are.  Now is the time to re-evaluate our goals and to re-commit ourselves to a healthier and happier person in 2012.

Here are some steps to help make your resolutions a reality:
  • Plan your workouts weekly.  Scheduling your workouts will help prepare you mentally for your coming week and make you accountable for the days/workouts that you have schedule.  If you are new to exercising try to schedule just 2 days a week at first.
  • The days where you are too busy, too tired or too stress are the days that you MUST workout.  If you are feeling lethargic then plan to take an upbeat class that will get you moving...think Kick Boxing, Sculpting Classes, Body Pump, TRX or Cycle.  The loud music and challenging, yet fun variations will get your endorphins soaring and boost your energy.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unable to focus, then you want to take a class that will help to calm you down and center you.  Try Yoga (Therapeutic Classes, Restorative Classes, a lower level Flow Class) or Pilates (mat or reformer).  These classes will help to calm you down (encourage the Relaxation Response) and will help you manage your stress.
  • Re-evaluate your resolutions.  Are your goals specific, measurable, and true to your overall mission for health and happiness?  I personally can cut my calories lose a few pounds and turn into a skinnier, more tired, stressed version of myself or I can focus on cleaning up my diet, and exercising where those last few pounds will naturally disappear.  With re-evaluating your goals, you also want to change the way you go about achieving those goals.  You must try new and different things in order to change your body both nutritionally and physically.  Take a cooking class that focuses on healthy meals, try a new fitness class, increase your weight or incline, etc.
  • Write your down your goals and put them on the fridge.  Don't be afraid to admit that one or a few of your resolutions might not be right for where you are today.  There are days where my resolutions are easier to meet and then there are days where they aren't even thought about.  Just like anything I focus on my good days and if I have a bad day I'm determined to make the following day a great day.

Hope this helps you all achieve your goals and resolutions for this new year!

Xo Ash

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