Grocery List

Grocery List

Okay it is time for some grocery shopping to stock up on healthy foods. Here is a simple grocery list to get you started.

Brown or wild Rice
Quinoa (sprouted is best)
Whole grain bread (sprouted is best)
Steel Cut Oats
Buckwheat cereal
Low fat granola (KIND and Udi's are some of my favorites or check out our recipe on how to make homemade granola)
Fresh Fruit
Frozen Fruit
Fresh Veggies
Frozen Veggies- Super convenient. I always look for USA grown organic. I try to avoid anything grown in Mexico or other countries. In the winter this becomes challenging so I go with frozen for a greater variety..

Okay, you will read and hear that in order to reach your fitness goals, you should only eat “white meat” and stay away from beef. I completely disagree. The higher the quality of meat, poultry, and fish the better it is for you and you can enjoy all different cuts and not only hit your goals, but be satisfied in the process. Protein is something I strongly suggest you buy organic. If you are on a tight budget, go with lesser expensive cuts like organic chicken thighs and legs, ground beef, tri tip, or flank steaks are more affordable ways to eat organic protein.

Chicken- Organic or free-range when possible. All different cuts
Fish- wild caught is preferred. Cleaner fish like salmon are better for you than bottom feeding fish or fish with high mercury content, like swordfish and tuna.
Beef (grass fed Organic is a must. Low quality beef is the reason beef is blamed for heart disease, digestive problems, weight gain, and a host of other problems. Grass fed beef is full of nutrition for our body and has far few calories than conventional beef. I have a whole post on grass fed beef and I am a huge believer in eating this.)
Pork- Should be organic or be enjoyed in moderation. Pork is not a clean source of protein but does provide variety.
Eggs- Organic You get what you pay for. Pasture raised is even better.
Real Cheese (not the yellow stuff) preferably grass fed organic
Yogurt (plain is preferred over sweetened and you can add a little honey to taste)
Almond butter and/or peanut butter
Walnut and cashew butter
Protein powder

Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive oil
Extra virgin Coconut oil
Almond butter and/or peanut butter
Walnut and cashew butter

Mineral water
Coconut water
Green Tea
Fresh Raw Organic Milk (if available and if you are not intolerant to milk)

Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt
Fresh herbs
Balsamic vinegar
Raw organic honey

This grocery list is not exhaustive. As you have heard many times before, it is important to shop the perimeter of grocery store and avoid processed foods.

When purchasing processed foods reading food labels is important, below are things to look for and avoid!
-High fructose corn syrup
-Aspartame, Splenda and all other artificial sweeteners
-MSG- hidden in a multitude of other ingredients, including autolyzed yeast, glutamate, textured protein, gelatin, natural flavors, barley malt and soy sauce, to name a few.
-Sodium nitrite and nitrate—preservatives added to processed meats that are carcinogenic.
-BHA and BHT—preservatives added to processed foods
-Common foods dyes such as such as Citrus Red No. 2, which is used to dye conventional oranges orange
-White flour, and enriched wheat flour
-Regular white table salt.

Organic is always preferred, but if you are on a tight budget there are some things that aren’t as crucial as others to get organic, check out this article by Dr. Mercola

After you have cleaned out your fridge and purchased healthy clean foods, it is time to look at portions. These aren't hard and fast rules. It is important to get in tune with your body and know if you need a little more food at some meals and some meals you may need a little less. Becoming too rigid can almost for certain cause you to give up. Here are a few guidelines for portions.

3 oz of chicken or beef= a deck of cards
3 oz fish= a check book
1 cup of carbohydrates= 1 baseball
1 Tb of fat=1 poker chip

Another helpful tip is to divide your plate in half. Fill half with dark green veggies. Divide the other half of your plate in half again. Fill with one portion protein and one portion carbohydrate. Add one Tb fat to your dish and you have a balanced meal! When you eat clean healthy foods, your body responds and sheds unwanted pounds. Fill up on good whole foods and your desire for junk food will start to diminish.

Any questions? Leave us a comment!



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