The Perfect Workout

What is the perfect workout? Does that even exist? For me, the perfect workout is the one where I am active and working hard without even noticing the time go by. My perfect workout is skiing, mountain biking, and wakeboarding. If I am doing any of those activities I feel a sense of accomplishment while having a lot of fun doing them. On my family's latest trip to Mammoth, we went out back in 4 ft of snow and had a major snow ball fight. My heart rate was way up and we were having so much fun. The key to the perfect workout, is having fun. You don't have to belong to a gym, you don't have to spend endless time on a treadmill, or run a marathon to be fit. Children are the best example of how to exercise without making it a chore. On day 3 of this 30-day fitness challenge, I challenge you to find that inner-child in you and do activities that are fun. Put on upbeat music and dance around the house, learn a new sport by taking a class through the city, try a Zumba or other dance DVD, or run around with your kids at the local park. Remember it takes just 10 minutes of activity a day boosts your fitness level.

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