What's Next?

Did you know that 25% of people who start an exercise program, quit the first week? Another 25% quit within the first six months. Let's be a part of the 50% who make exercise and eating healthy a a way of life.

The 30 day challenge is over, so what's next? It's time to assess how you did after these past 30 days and plan what to do next.

1. Re-take measurements
2. Look over your food journal
3. Set new goals

After taking your measurements(Be sure the measure in the exact places you did last month), ask yourself "how did I do?" Have you lost inches? If not, don't get discouraged! It's a new day, a new week, and a new month! Assess, what you need to improve upon. 

Take a look at you food journal. Where could you make small improvements? Could you cut out snacking after dinner? Could you add in more dark leafy green vegetables? Reduce your caffeine? Find a small change to make each week or even once a month. "When changes are too big, they may be too overwhelming," said registered dietitian Ellie Krieger, author of "Small Changes, Big Results: A 12-Week Action Plan to a Better Life." "People don't want to start, or they don't know where to begin so they don't at all."

Set new goals. A 30-day challenge is meant to be a jump start to a new lifestyle. Keep the momentum going. Set reasonable goals. If you are new to working out, a P90X style program is too much to start with. Walking 3 days a week is a reasonable goal that will yield results you can build upon. If you intermediate, add in a day or two of intervals to your cardio program to boost weight loss. If you are intermediate to advanced, a P90X or other rigorous exercise programs may be what you need to get to the next level.

Stay motivated and have fun!



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