Overtraining and Still Not Seeing Your Results

 I wish I could say that I knew nothing about overtraining, but unfortunately it's one of the most common mistakes that we all make.  We can either get addicted to the feel of exercising and endorphins, or we train at the last minute for a major event (vacation, wedding, summer in general).

Here are some symptoms of overtraining:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Imbalanced hormone levels
  • Moodiness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of ability to build muscle
  • Insomnia
  • Lower immune system
As we get older we must get smarter about the ways in which we breakdown and build our bodies.  Train smarter, not harder!!!

Strength training causes your muscles to tear.  It's only with adequate rest and with proper nutrition/fuel that our muscles can rebuild stronger.  Training everyday gets old and can mentally/physically exhaust you.  We all have a list of daily activities to do that do not revolve around working out.  It's important to train as efficiently as possible, so that we have energy to do it all and to look hot while doing it. ;)

One example of this can been seen with a lot of fitness instructors.  You would think teaching numerous classes a day and working out for hours and hours would give these teachers the best bodies ever.  However, most of the time the teachers are capable, but they still look soft and have a higher body fat percentage than their students.  Overtraining at it's best!

It's a much smarter and more effective way to train by creating training splits.  You don't have to stick to the same training splits weekly, but here is a great one to start with:

Day 1- Chest and Triceps
Day 2- Legs and Core
Day 3- Back and Biceps
Day 4- Shoulders and Cardio
Day 5- Enjoyable Class or Activity (Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Bike Ride, Wakeboarding, etc)
Day 6- Rest
Day 7- Rest Again

Watch how much cardio you do as well.  The same overtraining rules apply with cardio.  If you have to do an hour of cardio daily to feel as though you are burning enough calories to lose weight then you should adjust your nutrition.  Certain body types need more cardio and it depends on one's goals/overall look, but for the most part my max cardio time is 30 mins, maybe twice a week...maybe.  Last week I did cardio once.  I'm more concerned with keeping my muscle mass, which burns more calories at a resting rate everyday and all night long.

Learn about muscle mass here and why you want a stronger body.

PLF Daily Tip:  Less is more sometimes.  Listen to your body and train smarter to see your results.



  1. We all feel better when we work out consistently; a nice supplements just add something more to that. We feel healthier, less run down, more alert and awake at school.

  2. Throw in some protein with a good supplement and my stack is complete. And I definitely feel when the supplement isn't there too, because everything suffers.


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