Building a Booty

Hi Friends,

So I spend many hours a day teaching my clients how to build the perfect butt.  Not just any butt, but a butt that is round, defies gravity and one that transforms the whole backside of your body.  Yep, it's time to be proud of that backside.

Here's my workout today for glutes:
  • Warm Up - Stairs (15-45 mins depending on your goals.  I'll be doing 15 mins as a true warm up rather than cardio before training).
  • 30 Plie Squats with a 15lb. kettlebell, dumbbells, or medicine ball.
  • Band Stamps 30 left leg, 30 right (can be done without the band)
  • Walking Lunges for a few minutes...Just until I really feel the burn.
  • Band Walk 30 steps left, 30 right
  • Band Kick Backs 30/30 (can be done without the band)
  • Bridging exercises for a few minutes
I will probably get through this workout once, since I'm busy with the kids.  It would be amazing to do this whole circuit twice though and that is what I would recommend if you have the time.


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