What You Need to Know About Gelatin

Do you want beautiful young-looking skin? How about a boost in your metabolism? What about building stronger bones and having relief from joint pain? I frequently get asked what supplements I take and I am a big believer in taking supplements. The foods that most of us eat every day are severely lacking in the vital nutrients that we need. Not to mention, our busy lifestyles that keeps us from properly preparing our food for adequate digestion. It is no wonder our bodies are depleted and are not performing at their highest capacity. You have heard it said-you are what you eat, while that is true, let me take it one step further, you are what you digest. If you want to be healthy, lean, have high energy, and a strong immune system; you need to feed and supplement your body with the right foods and supplements. One of those supplements is high quality gelatin.

Supplement of the Week: Gelatin
When you think of gelatin; you may think of a kid-favorite, jiggly, and colorful concoction. That is not the type of gelatin I am suggesting you add to your diet. That is a low quality form a gelatin mixed into a high-sugar toxic "food". The gelatin I am talking about is from bone broths or a specially processed powder from grass-fed cows. I personally use Bernard Jensen's Grassfed Gelatin. There are many places to purchase this gelatin from. I order it here.

The best way to get gelatin in your diet is making homemade bone broths. These are vital to your health. In the book Nourishing Traditions (A book everyone should have in their kitchen) you will find recipes for one of the most nutritious soups/broths you can eat.

Too busy to make fresh homemade bone broth?
No problem, you can put a scoop of powdered gelatin into your coffee, tea, soups, or favorite smoothie (See below for links to recipes).

So what makes gelatin so great?

~It's Amino Acids, glycin and proline, are important for muscle building, optimal immune function, and weight reduction. 

~It is a great source of protein, although incomplete, it helps the body utilize the protein you consume. It packs 12g of protein per 1 Tablespoon.

~The Amino Acids in gelatin aid in healthy skin, hair, teeth, and nails. Gelatin actually helps your body produce more collagen. It is more effective than those ridiculously expensive face creams.

~It is anti-inflammatory, making it beneficial for those who suffer with arthritis and other diseases.

~It helps to improve digestion, due to it naturally binding to water and helping food move more easily through the digestive track.

~It is said to help with cellulite and who doesn't want that?

~It helps rebuild bone and that also includes your teeth. Yes you can help prevent cavities with gelatin!

~Better sleep and improved energy. Studies show when the amino acid glycin is consumed it helps with getting a better nights sleep and improving your energy throughout the day.

So what are ways you can incorporate gelatin in your diet? 

There are many wonderful ways to incorporate gelatin in your diet. 

Like I mentioned above; the absolute best way, in my opinion, is to get it straight from the source via bone broths from organic humanly raised animals. Click here for the recipes for chicken, beef, and fish bone broths.

One of my favorite uses for gelatin is making delicious fruit snacks for my daughter.
Click here for the recipe!

Desserts are another great and yummy way to consume grass-fed gelatin! Click here for chocolate pudding made from grass-fed gelatin. Click here for yummy homemade marshmallows.

We put gelatin and other yummy goodness in our smoothies every day.


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