10 Benefits of Practicing Yoga


Why I love Yoga? The reasons seem to be endless. If you are not doing Yoga already, here are a 10 reasons why you should add it to your fitness routine.

1. Improves Your Posture: A study from Boston University School of Medicine and McLean Hospital reports. A sequence of standing, sitting and balancing poses helped avid posers raise their levels of the brain chemical GABA (low levels are linked with depression) by 27 percent compared with a group who read quietly.

2. Keeps Away the Aches and Pains: A study in Spine shows that people who suffer from back pain who did two 90-minute yoga classes a week, for about six months, eased their soreness by 56 percent.. Those given treatments like pain meds and physical therapy lessened their aches and pains by only 16 percent.

3. Improves Your Sleep: Insomniacs fell asleep 15 minutes faster and slept an hour longer each night after two months of doing a 45-minute series of yoga poses daily before bed.

4. Body Confidence Improves: Research from the University of California in Berkeley finds that women who practiced regularly, rated their body satisfaction 20 percent higher than those who took aerobics, even though both groups were at a healthy weight.

5. Strengthening and Lengthening: In Yoga, you are using body weight to move through each pose and in some poses you are using all of your body weight such as the Pincha or the Crow.

6. Improved Brain Function:  Hatha Yoga has been shown to improve your cognitive function and boosts focus and memory.

7.  Stronger Bones: A 2009 pilot study found practicing yoga could increase bone density among older adults.

8. Anxiety Relief:  Women who practice Yoga once a week for two years or more released 41 percent less of a tension-triggered cytokine (a type of protein) that can make you feel tired and moody a study in Psychosomatic Medicine found.

9. Improved Cardiovascular Conditioning: While Flow Ashtanga practice can get your heart rate up to improve your cardiovascular health, even slower forms of Yoga are still beneficial to the heart. Studies have found that yoga practice lowers the resting heart rate, increases endurance, and can improve your maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise.

10. Boosts Immunity: A recent Norwegian study found that yoga practice results in changes in gene expression that boost immunity at a cellular level. The researches believe that it can boost your immune system almost immediately. 


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