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Happy Monday to all of our followers! As summer approaches and it becomes more and more difficult to hide our bodies under a plethora of clothing, we are reminded that we need to kick our workouts into high gear. One of my favorite ways to do that is with HIIT or high intensity interval training. There are many different types of intervals that you can do. Mixing it up is a great way to get your desired results and keep you from plateauing. One method of interval training is the Tabata method.

Tabata originated from a guy named Izumi Tabata a Japanese researcher and physician. He came up with a protocol to increase the speed of athletes. The basic model is broken down into 8-20 second high-intensity intervals with 10 seconds rest,  for a total time of 4 minutes.

The key to this type of training to be effective, is based on how hard you are pushing yourself during the 20 second interval. You want to give your all-out best effort, recover 10 seconds, and then repeat. This type of training is not ideal for beginners, however if you have been doing cardio training on a regular basis and are looking to burn fat and build lean muscle then you're ready to give it a try. For those who are new to interval training, start with fewer intervals and work up to completing 8. Remember to always consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program. Once you have become proficient at doing 8 intervals work up to 2 or 3 sets of 8 intervals with 2-5 minutes rest in between each set. Be sure to warm-up 5-10 minutes prior to your workout and bring your heart rate down after you finish your last interval.

Not only will you see amazing results from adding interval training into your routine, you will save a lot of time. This workout is intense but it's also very quick.

When you think of intervals you think of cardio equipment and that is often the way I do it. Doing intervals on a spin bike really helps you achieve the speed necessary to get your heart rate up, while not compromising your joints. The spin bike is my favorite way to interval train, as I get most of my weight training from Yoga and Pilates. Below is an example of how you could incorporate Tabata training into your weight training workouts. The combinations of exercises you do for each interval can vary from chest presses, stairs, leg presses, etc. The sky is the limit.

20 seconds of push-ups
10 seconds rest
20 seconds plyometric squats
10 seconds rest
20 seconds pull ups
10 seconds rest
20 seconds plyometric lunges
10 seconds rest

Repeat circuit 

Be safe and most importantly have fun!



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