Instagram Fitness Challenges

I love doing Instagram fitness challenges and  I think you should do one too. Here are 5 reasons why.

1.     Accountability- Once I commit on my Instagram that I am going to do a fitness challenge, I feel like I am voicing it to the world and I don’t want to skip a day. Even on days when I am exhausted or have had a very full day, I still do a little bit of activity and get my Yoga picture in for the day. Pretty soon 15-20 minutes of Yoga practice happens that would have otherwise been skipped.

2.    Variety- Let’s face it workouts can get pretty monotonous at times or you get stuck in a rut. Fitness challenges can give you new exercises and help get you past a plateau. Yoga challenges are a great way to expand your Yoga practice and get you past doing the typical Sun Salutation over an over again.

3.     Challenging- There are many exercises that look very difficult or even impossible to me.  Because I personally do Yoga challenges, some of the poses require a significant amount of strength and flexibility. Attempting the pose or a modification of the pose challenges you both mentally and physically. Doing the poses each day also challenges your body. Every day you get a little bit stronger, a little bit more flexible, and a little more brave.

4.    Marked Progress- Sometimes we work hard and don’t notice results because we are only looking for weight loss or some other number but what about changes that you can see in pictures? When I do Yoga day in and day out, I don't think that my poses are getting any better, but when I have a picture to compare it to, I can see how much progress I have made in a certain posture.

5. It's Inspiring- It's a lot more fun to workout and be able to get creative at the same time. If you are doing a challenge and posting pictures, it's fun to find different backgrounds or fun places to take your fitness challenge to. It also inspires workouts when you would otherwise just kick back and not do much activity. Even though I am very active, I find myself inspired to want to get even better at what I like to do because I have a challenge I am working towards.



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